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Average Speakers Pitch; Smart Speakers Connect.
Time to Rise Above the Average.


Average Speakers Pitch; Smart Speakers Connect.
Time to Rise Above the Average.


Connecting the world’s most powerful brands to their customers and partners

Great branding requires great Corporate Storytelling. Success for a company is measured by how well it connects and resonates with its customers, partners, and analysts. Every live, virtual, or broadcast event is a new opportunity to share your vision and promise, and to welcome your market into the better tomorrow your brand offers. That better vision is your corporate story, and Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. is a trusted, proven partner to help you discover it and deliver it.

  • Virtual/Digital Event Host & Emcee
  • Live Event and Broadcast Conference Leader
  • Event Marketing Creative Strategist
  • Executive Speaker Coach
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Script Writer
  • Corporate Video Producer
Live and broadcast host

Industry-Leading Virtual Event Host/Emcee.

For over 20 years, global Fortune, Midsize, and Startup brands have trusted Steve to tell their company stories – on stage and on camera. Across the pandemic, Steve has helped connect over a million worldwide customers to brands like Cisco Systems, RingCentral, Itelligence, Fiplex, Splunk, OneLambda, and Pearl TV. A proven first call for savvy event marketers and executive decision-makers, Steve is recognized by clients and audiences in North America, Europe, and Asia for his unparalleled passion and energy in representing leading organizations across a variety of key industries.

Personal, powerful scripted content

Your Corporate Storytelling Partner.

Steve partners with your marketing and sales teams from strategic planning to message delivery, cutting through the corporate speak and revealing the human, personal beating heart of your brand. He then connects that heart with your valued customer, assuring every potential contact experiences a clear, compelling vision of how your organization is ready to benefit theirs. Listen to Steve share his value proposition for helping your brand tell its best corporate story.

Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling.

Delivering Personal Value in Every Corporate Message

The most successful brand message is one that delivers your passion to an audience, inspiring equal passion in them. When you truly engage and energize your customer, you propel them to take action on your message, to change their status quo. That change is the goal of telling a strong corporate story. And the result of that change is mutual success, for your customer and for your organization.

When you’re ready to create that change, you’re ready for Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. As your virtual or live event host, keynote speaker, breakout session leader, broadcast emcee, executive speaker coach, technical script writer, and creative strategy partner, Steve brings a wealth of message delivery success to your team.

As your dedicated corporate spokesman, Steve connects with your audience and converts potential leads into valuable customers. From the keynote stage to the trade show booth, breakout sessions to broadcast interviews, Steve develops and delivers the right message every time, creating personal value and helping you drive critical business success at any live or virtual event. Discover why Fortune leaders and savvy event marketers trust Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. to expertly deliver winning brand messages. 

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Steve has emceed more than 250 conferences, sales meetings, breakouts, broadcasts, and streaming programs for many of the world’s most powerful brands. Steve embeds with your event team and stakeholders on every element of core messaging, session goals, and theme content to assure your event is memorable, successful, and fun. From first input to the last word, Steve is a collaborative, passionate, always appropriate host who never misses a mark or a deadline. 

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Better stories. Better slides. Better presentation skills. Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. offers proven 1:1 keynote and breakout speaker and content coaching that inspires your executives, engineers, sales teams, and marketing leaders. Steve is known for personalized, motivational programs that help every presenter at any level in their career to uplevel their message delivery and make the most their own unique, natural speaking abilities. 

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As your one-stop message creation shop, Steve embeds with your event team, learns your company culture, and internalizes your corporate mission. The result is scripts that reveal and relate the beating heart of your brand’s value to your market. Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. understands your audience and what they need to hear, cutting through the ‘corporate speak’ for more meaningful connection with customers, partners, and industry analysts. 

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Every staffer in your trade show booth or event experience becomes a face and voice of your brand the moment they wear your logo and speak to your customer. Targeted, selective support staffing is critical to live marketing success. Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. is your expert turnkey booth staffing partner, offering the most professional, reliable, expert personnel who are fully committed to customer and client relations excellence. 

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