Verticality: The Past, Present, and Future of Trade Shows

The first time I heard about the “death of the trade show” was in fall 2001. The tragedy of 9/11 struck fear in the hearts of personal and professional travelers alike, grounding a significant portion of the populace and spawning conversations around if, when, and how we’d ever travel again in the face of such considerable risk.

Perfect Packing Tips for Better Business Trips

Knowing how to pack – and more important, how not to pack – can make the difference between an extra glass of champagne at the neighborhood bistro or a lost afternoon at the baggage carousel.

The 3 Levels of Information Processing Hierarchy

Success or failure of any corporate story relies on a proven hierarchy in how humans humans hear, interpret, and accept any message that arrives as part of a daily input of 10,000+ bits of stimuli, all screaming and jostling for attention. Understanding that hierarchy, then crafting brand messaging that honors and follows it, is key to assuring reliable marketing impact for you, your company, and your product.

Adapting Models for Modern CSR

Companies that succeed at CSR are the ones who do it because they genuinely want to do it, regardless of the story it tells or the profit it derives. Those companies have leaders who not only directly and aggressively support their CSR team’s efforts, but who actively participate in it themselves. The fish stinks or swims from the head down.

A More Welcoming Trade Show Booth

Conferences can be rewarding, powerful opportunities to interface with new and existing customers, discover trends in your market, and capitalize on valuable interactions in ways we can’t during our typically siloed work days.