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Steve brings over 20 years of corporate storytelling experience to the world’s most powerful and influential brands.

As your one-stop message creation shop, Steve embeds with your event team, learns your company culture, and internalizes your company mission to understand what lies at the heart of your brand ethos. You can feel it in Steve’s scripts, written with care and honesty for maximum impact and retention, proving to your audience that your goal is their success.

Fortune leaders like Cisco, HP, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Brocade, Xerox, Siemens, Proofpoint, and many others trust Steve Multer to discover the WHY in their brand offerings and write meaningful scripts that deliver and pay off. You can read all about it in All-in-One Message Creation to Message Delivery.

Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. understands what your audience wants and needs to hear from you, cutting through the ‘corporate speak’ to reach your clients where they live. No transparent buzzwords, no empty jargon, just great script writing with real human connection and tangible value that creates deeper, longer lasting connections with your clients, partners, and industry analysts.

A wide variety of Scripting and Slide Deck samples are available on request. Book now to bring your messaging content to life and market leadership.


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