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“Corporate Storytelling”
Every business needs a story. Not just a product. Not just a service. It’s the story you tell that can ultimately differentiate you from your competitors and connect with your customers. And who better than to teach us how than THE corporate storyteller himself, Steve Multer. Steve is a veteran corporate spokesman and trainer for over 100 global brands, including Cisco, Splunk, Panasonic, Fujifilm, HP, and Bayer. His strategic brand consulting company helps execs, leaders, and sales teams use the power of story to grow their companies. A self-described “evangelist for better corporate storytelling,” his passion for the topic really shines through in this episode, along with his goal to help people discover their stories. He explains that it’s not always about money; the smallest organization can tell its story just as effectively as Apple and Audie. It comes down to understanding the beating heart of your brand and how that differentiates you from the competition. Passion is infectious; those who can tell their story well are the winners. He’s also giving us a look at his new book, “Nothing Gets Sold until the Story Gets Told.” Designed to be used by anyone (regardless of job level, socioeconomic status, educational background, geographic location, etc.), it will help businesses of all sizes get in touch with the story within through a step-by-step guide, along with concrete examples you can put into action immediately. What You’ll Learn: How “Content Storytelling” began with John Deere 100+ years ago before evolving into what it is today Why it’s not enough to simply pitch a product or service; you need to speak to the human, not the wallet The three pillars of communication on which corporate storytelling is based. Why it’s so important to know your target audience. How you can get his FREE guide: Five Paths to Passionate Storytelling …and much more! Favorite Quote: “The corporate story is based on three pillars of communication: Value, passion, and connection.”

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