Inspirational Event Host & Emcee

Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. brings your corporate events to life with a new level of impact, energy, and engagement.

For over 20 years, Steve has hosted conferences, sales meetings, training sessions, television broadcasts, and streaming programs for the most important brands on the planet. Check out the videos on this page to see what he can do for you and your valuable events.

Steve embeds with your event team and partners with you and your stakeholders on content, goals, and messaging to make any meeting or broadcast more memorable, successful, and fun. From the first input call to the last call to action, Steve is accessible, adaptable, upbeat, and never misses a mark or a deadline.

The moment your event kicks off, Steve is out front setting the tone with inspiring vision and infectious enthusiasm that quickly engage your audience and draw them into your story. Throughout the day he ties each keynote, panel, and speaker session into the primary message platforms, connecting to core themes and opening up new paths to business success.

How can you use Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. as your powerhouse event host? Opening and closing your meeting or broadcast of course. Then add speaker introductions, executive and partner interviews, panel discussion hosting, breakout session leadership, Q&A facilitation, housekeeping delivery, Voice of God announcements, game show hosting, team competition guidance, live social media stand-ups, and so much more. The more the better!

If you’ve ever worried what a professional host might say or do onstage or off, put those concerns to rest. Steve is always 100% professional, reliable, on time, appropriate for every guest, on message, and entirely about your brand and your audience. As your expert host, Steve Multer delivers the solid experience and impressive skill to elevate your event, increase your core value, and make you and your event team look great.




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