Take your next meeting, conference, or telecast to the next level with Steve Multer as your expert Host/Emcee. Steve has delivered amazing energy and messaging power to hundreds of corporate events around the globe for some of the world’s largest brands and venues.

Steve learns your content, goals, and targets. He takes the time to understand and exceed your needs and expectations. He sets up your session, instantly brings your attendees together in the room, prepares them for success, connects each speaker’s content to your central meeting themes, and makes your entire conference more memorable and fun. Steve Multer makes your event, your brand, and you look great.

  • Steve creates cohesive messaging between your company, speakers, and keynoters.
  • Steve is always available to partner with you on anything and everything, from planning to event logistics to speaker coordination to meeting content and beyond.
  • Steve connects with your attendees to assure they get maximum benefit from your event.
  • Most importantly, Steve is RELIABLE in every way. Always on time, accessible, adaptable, upbeat, and appropriate for every person at your meeting.



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