RECENT: September 2020 | NEDAS Virtual Symposium

VIRTUAL: Along with NEDAS President Ilissa Miller, Steve Multer will co-host the 3-day virtual Summit for the Northeastern DAS consortium. With a focus on ‘Bridging Wireline and Wireless’, this year’s premiere event will address the challenges associated with wireline and wireless communications infrastructure convergence.

RECENT: June 2020 | Cisco TV @ Cisco Live Digital 2020

VIRTUAL: Since 2007, Steve Multer has anchored the streaming broadcast for Cisco Live, bringing this super power event to viewers across the host city and around the globe. This year Cisco Live went digital for two days, across 4 channels, with over 120,000 registered guests and 1.5 Million media impressions across almost 80 platforms. 8 live hosts delivered the fun and excitement of Cisco’s premiere event featuring live keynotes, executive leaders, IT superheroes, and musical performances by Fall Out Boy, The Chainsmokers, Dave Matthews, and Sting.

RECENT: March 2020 | Softeon @ Modex 2020

ATLANTA: Steve and Spark Presentations joined the Softeon team at Modex 2020 as a first time client, demonstrating a powerful range of supply chain solutions for logistics, warehouse, inventory & labor management. Crowds were good and conversations strong despite the fears and cancellations of COVID-19 and Softeon made solid strides and great contacts.

RECENT: February 2020 | Cisco @ RSA

SAN FRANCISCO: Steve was back with the incredible Cisco Security squad introducing the latest and greatest from the world’s leading Security Platform portfolio, including a huge press announcement for the launch of Cisco SecureX. Cisco takes total threat intelligence to the extreme, and RSA helps the best threat actors on Earth defend the world.

RECENT: January 2020 | ATSC 3.0 @ CES

LAS VEGAS: One of the top 3 conversations across this year’s massive CES was ATSC 3.0, the country’s new broadcast standard covering the top 40 US markets plus 21 secondary markets by the end of 2020. Sony, Samsung, and LG have also announced 20 in 2020! with at least 20 new models this year featuring the ATSC 3.0 tuner. Steve and a group of dedicated, excited storytellers from the Advanced Television Systems Committee introduced ATSC 3.0 for the first time at CES to thousands of excited tech-heads and got massive press across the event.

RECENT: November 2019 | FIU Online Annual Conference

MIAMI: Steve returned to coach leadership and session speakers then emcee Florida International University Online’s Annual Conference for the 8th time. All week long, Steve helped tell the future vision higher education story for one of America’s top 100 public universities and the nation’s top 20 for online graduate studies. This year’s keynote speaker was Ben Nemtin, co-author of the NYT Bestseller What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and creator, executive producer and cast member of MTV series The Buried Life.

RECENT: October, 2019 | Splunk @ .conf19

LAS VEGAS: Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. spent an amazing week coaching Splunk executives, engineers, thought leaders, and partners on keynote, super session and breakout presentation skills for Splunk’s annual user group conference of over 11,000. Steve and co-trainer, Linda Kruse, helped dozens of speakers to create powerful, meaningful storytelling and turn data into action for the world’s premiere Data to Everything platform.