RECENT: October 2019 | FIU Online InnovedCon

MIAMI: Steve has hosted conferences for Florida International University Online since 2011 and InnovedCon is all about creative instructional course design in higher education. This year’s event featured guest speakers Richard Casper, Nashra Balagamwala, and other educators changing lives through their creative approaches to learning and investing in students.

Broadsoft Connections 2018

The Power Potential of Great Corporate Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling is about passion, not product. Telling your brand’s best Corporate Story means looking past the point of sale to who your brand truly is at its heart, and understanding why that heart beats meaningfully for your customer. The best Corporate Storytelling then uses that heartbeat to clearly and passionately communicate to your audience at the deepest, most connective emotional human level. That approach creates real meaning in a target market hungry for differentiation, desperate to be both understood and appreciated.